Goodison Desktop Clock


The Littlewoods clocks at Goodison, one in the  corner of the Gwladys Street/Goodison Road, one in the corner of the Bullens Road/Park End and now one on your desk in the office or at home!

They don't have to be confined to the desk, they look great everywhere! Above the fire, on the shelf, in the kitchen… we won't go on!

These clocks have been 18 months in the making and are a faithful reproduction of those that stood at Goodison. Initially they were limited to 250, numbered 1-250 and in a presented in a box. They sold out. Quick. These are a new run and again are limited in number, once they've gone – that's it!

Specifications for the clock are 100mm wide x 108mm height, battery operated and screen printed on a rigid high gloss acrylic. You will recieve the clock in a blister pack with a postcard outlining the clocks historical association with Goodison Park.

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Product Description

A new run of our hugely popular limited edition, numbered desktop clocks. Again this new run is limited in numbers, once they’ve gone – that’s it!